From the desk of the President

Uma Venugopal

Dear AAIN-NJ2 Family,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!!!!!!

Greetings and a warm welcome to our dear members. I wanted to sincerely thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of AAIN-NJ2 and providing the much-needed support to help us grow stronger and bigger. Please take a moment to pat yourself on the back in addition to me applauding you for being a nurse remaining strong more than ever working behind the scenes amidst the staff shortages (bedside, clinical, education or leadership) and other challenging situations. THANK YOU for being a NURSE. Congratulations on exceeding our membership of more than 100 plus members for the first time in AAIN-NJ2 history during the term 2022-2023. Thank you for believing in me and the team to serve you.

As I end my term for the year 2021-2022, I wanted to introduce our incoming President for 2023-2024, Dr. Munira Wells who has been elected and graciously accepted to lead the organization. We have a great team who have stepped up to lead and take this organization to the next level. Please consider this letter as a personal invitation and register to attend our induction ceremony on January 21, 2023, at the RWBH Somerset to induct our new term leaders. Connect with us through various platforms of social media that are available to help you with the much-needed resources like www.aainnj2.org , Facebook and Instagram. Undoubtedly, we are the MOST trusted profession and more importantly I trust YOU. Thank you for standing with me to help grow and elevate this organization building relationships, engaging nurses from various corners of the world, educating, and empowering one another. Together we can accomplish more.

Lastly, I’m honored and privileged to share that I will be serving as the NAINA Secretary for the term 2023-2024 and continue to be your voice at the national level. On another note, I wanted to share with everyone that my journey is taking me to Texas along with my family for good. I will always remain connected to NJ being my first family home. I’m forever grateful to all the relationships that I gained during my journey and will cherish the great times with you all. Kindly stay in touch and reach me at 609-937-5987 and or umasunil@gmail.com . Let us begin this year with a positive attitude of gratitude moving forward with a hope to grow stronger day by day.                                                                          

I have attached the invitation to register for the very first event of this new term and my last event that I’m attending prior to my final move to Texas after meeting you all. Please register at https://aainnj2.org/members/induction-ceremony/  and come join us. I would love to meet all of you at the event. 

Love you and will miss you all!!!! Wish you all the very best for a bright and successful future. 

Thank you!!!

Uma Venugopal MSN, RN, CCRN-K 




                       Please register for the event and join us. Kindly come join and congratulate the new team of 2023-2024.                                                                               Register here at  https://aainnj2.org/members/induction-ceremony/ 


Congratulations to Dr. Lydia Albuquerque
NAINA President 2021-22

Our Founding President and Current Advisory Board of AAIN-NJ2

Congratulations to Grace Samuel

Mrs. Grace Samuel currently serves as the Membership co-chair for AAIN-NJ2 for the term 2021-2022 and has been involved with the organization for the past 5 years.