From the desk of the President

Uma Venugopal

Dear AAIN-NJ2 Family,

Greetings to all members of AAIN-NJ2!!! The governing body is looking forward to welcome everyone at the NAINA’s 8th Biennial conference in Crowne Plaza, Edison on October 7-8, 2022. Thank you to all nurses from far and near, who registered and are planning to attend the conference. I can’t wait to see everyone!!!

This conference is all about engaging, educating and empowering our nurses globally. Yes, we are very excited to have national and international delegates at the conference. Great education, food, music and fun of all kinds for everyone to get energized. 

AAIN-NJ2 Call for Nominations 2023-2024!!!!

AAIN-NJ2 Election for the upcoming term 2023-2024 is currently in progress. We are in the process of building a new team to nurture and grow our AAIN-NJ2 to the next level. Please read the election process below and start applying. AAIN-NJ2 welcomes all members to participate and seriously consider applying for the positions. Take pride in leading a well renowned organization that leads you to a brighter future. 

Let us join together build resilience and strengthen our workforce for a better tomorrow. Be the voice by engaging, educating and empowering each other.

Stay well and safe by prioritizing self-care. You are the number one priority!!!!! We don’t exist without you. 

Thank you!!!

Uma Venugopal MSN, RN, CCRN-K 

AAIN-NJ2 President 



Dear AAIN-NJ2 members,


The election officers are glad to inform our members of the nomination procedure and processes for the upcoming election term 2023-2024. The following documents are attached for your information.  Please complete the required documents and submit them to the email address listed in the document.  Incomplete documents will not be accepted.

  1. AAIN-NJ2 Nomination & Election Procedure (for information)
  2. AAIN-NJ2 By-laws (for information)

Required documents are listed below: Please complete and send to aainnj2electionschair@gmail.com

  1. Nomination form AAIN-NJ2 2023-2024
  2. Release letter AAIN-NJ2 2023-2024
Nominations will be closed on September 20, 2022, by 11:59 pm (EST).

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at aainnj2electionschair@gmail.com

AAIN-NJ2 Election Chairs




Congratulations to Dr. Lydia Albuquerque
NAINA President 2021-22

Our Founding President and Current Advisory Board of AAIN-NJ2

Congratulations to Grace Samuel

Mrs. Grace Samuel currently serves as the Membership co-chair for AAIN-NJ2 for the term 2021-2022 and has been involved with the organization for the past 5 years.